The Tastiest Flavors of Gum to Chew before Kissing ...

You don't want to ruin a kiss by putting a bad taste in your man's mouth. That's why you want to brush your teeth before locking lips, put on your best lipstick, and chew on your favorite flavor of gum. Even though everyone has different preferences, most men can agree on the way they'd like their girlfriends to taste. So if you're worried about the way that your lips taste, here are the best flavors of gum to chew before locking lips with your man:

1. Mint

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Mint always tastes fresh. That's why it's the flavor that most toothpastes come in. If you kiss him after chewing on some mint flavored gum, he won't know if you were just eating a mint from your pocketbook or if you just finished brushing your teeth. Of course, he won't care what you were actually doing, because either way, it'll make him think that you have amazing hygiene--and there's no better quality in a good kisser.

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