Unlock the Number One Secret to Being Less Nervous when Chatting up Boys ...


Unlock the Number One Secret to Being Less Nervous when Chatting up Boys ...
Unlock the Number One Secret to Being Less Nervous when Chatting up Boys ...

It can be terrifying to walk up to your crush and start a conversation. However, it's something you have to do if you want him to be your boyfriend. You shouldn't wait around for him to initiate a conversation with you, because you're capable of doing the dirty work yourself. If you don't think you can go through with it, here's the trick to being less nervous when talking to boys:

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Practice with Boys You Have No Interest in

You've heard that practice makes perfect, so it's time to put the theory to the test. Try talking to your friend's brother, whom you have absolutely no interest in. When you see that chatting with him is just like chatting with any other human being, the thought of talking to your crush won't seem as scary.


Prepare Topics Ahead of Time

Lulls in conversations can be terrifying, which is why you should prepare some topics ahead of time. That way, if you run out of things to say about one subject, you'll have a bunch of backup conversations ready to go. He'll never get bored of you if you always have something up your sleeve.


Let Him do the Talking

If you're too embarrassed to actually talk to him after walking up to him, you should ask him questions about himself. That way, you won't have to say all that much. You can just listen. He'll be happy to know that you're willing to hear about all of the random things he has to say.


Talk to Him in a Group

If you're sitting at a table with your best friend and your crush, then it'll be much easier for you to talk to him. Why? Because you can pretend that you're just having a normal conversation with your friend like you always do. Just make sure to make eye contact with your crush, so he knows he's actually included in the conversation.


Boost Your Confidence Beforehand

It takes guts to walk up to your crush. That's why you should do something that makes you feel confident right before you see him. Maybe styling your hair in a certain way will make you feel beautiful. Maybe running a mile will make you feel powerful. Do whatever you can to get your energy and confidence up high.


Chew Gum

When you approach your crush, you don't want to be fidgeting with your hands the whole time. In order to get rid of some of your nerves without looking ridiculous, you should chew gum when you walk up to him. That way, you'll be able to casually chew in order to reduce all of your nervous energy. It won't look like anything out of the ordinary.


Chat Online First

Lucky for all of us shy girls, we live in the age of technology. That means that you can message your crush on Facebook or shoot him a text instead of talking to him in person. Once you get comfortable speaking with him over your electronics, you should have an easier time talking to him in person.

Your crush isn't going to judge you for walking up to him and saying hello, so you might as well face your fears and do it! What helps you calm your nerves before approaching boys?

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This article was written at a great time for me :)

This was a perfect article for me. I am very shy and have trouble talking to guys.

Me too

Yes I let them talk they r usually more nervous than I am so I let them get on with it.

What kind of topics are good?

Just have a shot of vodka or something and your good to go hahahahaha jk

I personally feel like texting before you actually talk to someone is super awkward. It always makes my situation worse, but that's just me. Maybe it works for other people, just not me.

Except don't "practice" on someone who's interested in you- it's like you're leading them on

OMG this brought back so manyy memories wah haha

@MissH18 really

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