The Ultimate Pros and Cons of Getting Back with Your Ex ...

By Heather

There are a lot of reasons to get back 🔙 with your ex and sometimes, it makes sense. After all, if you are both in love 💓 still and you both want it, it makes sense to get back 🔙 together 👫 right? There are pros and cons to everything in a relationship 👭 and that includes getting back 🔙 together 👫 with your ex. If you're considering it, don't fret girls, I've got a list you've got to see before you make a final decision.

Table of contents:

  1. pro: you know 'em
  2. con: you know 'em
  3. con: old habits can come back
  4. pro: it's really easy to sink 🚱 into comfort
  5. pro: they may have changed
  6. con: you broke up 👆 with them for a reason
  7. pro: you already have memories
  8. con: you have history you can't forget

1 Pro: You Know 'em

You know what they like, you know how they are going 🆙 to react and you know them pretty well. They might be your ex but you were probably friends first 1️⃣ and that means a lot right? That means that shopping 👖 for them, going 👣 out to eat and just in general, things are a little easier.

2 Con: You Know 'em

On 🔘 the flip side, you know them. You know what they are like 👌 with their temper, what they fight 👊 like, what annoys them. This could be good 👍 and bad because while you know everything good 👍 about them, you also know everything not so good 👍 about them too.

3 Con: Old Habits Can Come Back

It's easy, really easy in fact to slip right ✅ into old, bad habits. Trust me on 🔛 this one, it becomes something that happens when you get back 🔙 with an ex and that could mean that you'll end up 👆 as exes again, especially if you haven't changed all that much.

4 Pro: It's Really Easy to Sink 🚱 into Comfort

The pro side to this is that it is easy to slip right ☑️ into comfort 👟 too. That means that sex will probably come easier, that means that making out will be easier and that makes that just being comfortable 👟 and chilling out together 👫 will be easier. There won't be anything awkward, which is pretty good.

5 Pro: They May Have Changed

Did they change? Can you see it? This is another deep pro, you may see the change in them. All of the little things that annoyed 😤 you or that really hurt 😣 you in the past might be gone and you might be left 👈 with the perfect 👌 person!

6 Con: You Broke up 👆 with Them for a Reason

And this is a reason that you'll never, ever forget. You broke up 👆 with them for some type of reason, some type of good 👍 reason and you probably will remember that the rest of your life. Keep that in mind if you are planning on 🔘 getting back 🔙 together 👫 with your ex.

7 Pro: You Already Have Memories

The cool 🆒 thing about getting back 🔙 together 👫 with your ex is that you'll already have the memories together. You've probably built 💪 a life 💓 together 👫 before you broke up 👆 and now, you can pick up 👆 where you left 👈 off, which is amazing.

8 Con: You Have History You Can't Forget

Now, onto the con, you've got history. You might remember every single 1️⃣ fight 👊 that you ever had. That's not a good 👍 thing and you should never bring that stuff up 👆 in a new 🆕 argument.

Now that you've got low-down on 🔛 what really happens when you get back 🔙 together 👫 with your ex, are you going 🆙 to try it? Have you ever tried it? Share your story!

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