Brilliant πŸ’‘ Signs πŸ’Ÿ to Help You Figure out if You're Falling in Love πŸ’˜ or if It is Just Lust πŸ’ ...

Falling in love can be crazy and even weird sometimes, since it makes us feel and do things that we usually wouldn’t do under any other circumstances. A lot of studies have actually shown that an in-love brain looks quite different from one experiencing lust and it’s also unlike the brain of someone in a long-term committed relationship. Falling in love can also be a very confusing moment because you can’t really realize when you start falling in love with someone, and that’s why you might ask yourself where you draw the line between a crush and a deep, imprinted love. The feeling of falling in love can be so intense sometimes that you might feel overwhelmed and even scared by it. Here are a few obvious signs that you are falling in love that you should consider:

1. Your Hormones Go Wild

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When you fall in love, your hormones do go wild, making your heart beat faster, your cheeks flush, your palms sweat and your head start spinning. This happens due to a rush of chemicals that flood your brain and your body when you fall in love. It leaves you with feelings of euphoria similar to that endorphin-induced β€œrunner’s high” that you get when you exercise.

2. You Are Thinking of Them Non-Stop

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That special individual who stole your heart is in the back of your mind non-stop. You wake up thinking about them and they are also the last thing you think about at night when you go to sleep. Actually, every time you think of love, that person’s face comes to your mind, even before you realize it.

3. You Smile when You Are Alone

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Every time you think about them, you can’t stop smiling, even when you are alone or when you are in public by yourself. Other people might look at you funny, they might even wonder if you have begun to lose your mind or they might wonder what makes you so happy, but you don’t mind because you actually enjoy those weird, giddy feelings of happiness.

4. You Become a Little Bit Obsessed with Your Crush

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People in love like to think about the other special person in their lives often. They also manage to relate even the smallest and most insignificant things to the one they love; you might even say that they become a little bit obsessed with them. They just can’t get enough of that person, no matter how long they stay with them, or how much time they spend talking on the phone with them.

5. The Long Goodbyes

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You can say that you are in love when you are with someone but you really don’t like saying goodbye to them, even if it’s only for a short while. You always try to stretch that goodbye for as long as you can and when you finally do leave, you realize that all you want to do is to be with them again.

6. Teasing Games

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You know you’re in love when you and your crush tease each other a lot and you actually have a lot of fun doing it. Other people don’t really understand why you behave so childishly but you don’t really care about their opinion.

7. The Little Butterflies

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Every time someone mentions their name or speaks about them, you get little butterflies in your stomach. You also look for any excuse to start talking about them with that person, so you can find out more about them, just to get to know them better. You find them just irresistible and even though you know that they are really attractive, your affection for them isn’t just skin deep.

8. You Can't Remember when Last You Thought about Your Ex

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You thought the memories of your ex boyfriend would linger for months on end. But since you've found someone that makes you feel totally complete, you can't even remember the last time you thought of your ex!

9. You Keep Noticing Things That You Know He'll Love

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When your guy talks, you listen. That means that you know all of his likes, dislikes, dreams and downfalls. Because of this, you suddenly see things that you know he'll love everywhere you go because you've taken the time to know them.

10. You Actually Enjoy Seeing His Baby Photos

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Admit it, when someone tries to show you photos of their teenage years or of their vacation abroad, you're not really so keen. But when you get the opportunity to see the guy you love when he was a tiny and adorable little baby, you jump at it, because he is the centre of your world.

You know you’re in love when you find their smell intoxicating, when you miss them like crazy when they are not with you, when you can see the love in their smile or in their eyes and when you suddenly care more about your appearance because you want to look good for them. How do you act when you are in love? Do you know any other signs of falling in love? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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