Alarming ⏰ Things That Could Kill 🔫 Even the Happiest Relationships 💏 ...


If you and your partner are having issues, it doesn't mean that you're destined to break up. Even people who are perfect for each other go through rough patches, especially when certain outside factors intervene with their dating life. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pesky things that can get in the way of your love. To prove it, here are a few things that can complicated even the happiest relationships:

1. Money Issues

Financial disputes are the number one reasons why married couples get divorced. Even if you love your partner with all of your might, it's hard to remain in a relationship with them when they don't treat money in the same fashion that you do. If you've been trying to save up for a vacation or retirement, but your man randomly spends your cash on video game systems and big bar bills without asking you, then you're bound to fight about it.



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This is so true!
Yup I know how it feels when your family forbids you dating out of our culture
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So stop making kids.., lol didn't mean that.
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That is 100% true
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