These Toxic ☣️ Relationship Patterns 🌀 Will Ruin Your Happiness 😔 ...


You can have a wonderful relationship and totally ruin it with toxic relationship patterns. No one wants that so it makes sense to learn about what toxic relationship patterns are so you can avoid them. While this doesn’t include all of them, it’s a good example of things you should watch out for. If you see any of these in your relationship then do what you have to in order to change things.

1. Having a High Negative to Positive Ratio in Your Comments

There’re times in every relationship when something negative must be said. You’re going to have to address difficult situations with your partner. That’s only to be expected. But it’s important to make sure that saying negative things isn’t all you say. Try to make sure you make more positive comments than negative. This’ll make it easier for your partner to hear you when you do have a complaint.

Your Communication Patterns Aren’t Healthy


Ginny Allison
It was helpful thank you .. communication is the key ...
I'm wondering what if our beliefs are different? I respect his but he doesn't seem to be respecting mine ( I'm agnostic and he practises a religion)
Cindee Schneider
My husband and I kiss good morning good night hello and good bye even after 35 years!
I find that jealousy is awful in relationships whether it be girlfriends or boyfriends, or when boys get in between girlfriends.. That's the worst
Another thing that can be bad in a relationship is not wanting the same things as each other, one of you could want a family and settle down and the other might not want a family and travel the world instead.
peony blue
Not apologising is toxic esp when u know u should!
Thank you for that post. I felt you put a lot of thought into it and personal experience. Well done!
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