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Check Here to See if Your Man Has the 9 Traits of a Perfect Guy ...

By Jennifer

We all have our own ideas of what the perfect man looks like, but all of us agree on the traits of that ideal partner. How many of them does your current cutie possess? Let's find out.

1 Intelligence

hair, person, hairstyle, Good, looksgi, He doesn't have to hold a PhD in Physics to be "intelligent," but Mr. Perfect does have to be smart, right? He'd have to hold his own in a conversation about current events and it doesn't hurt if he's well-read, too.

2 Respect

human action, facial expression, face, person, nose, This is key! You don't want to be anywhere near a man who's misogynistic or racist of elitist, and overall, you just want a guy who shows respect for everyone, including you.

3 Kindness and Compassion

speech, singing, A little kindness goes a long way, and it's one of my absolute must-have traits in any partner or friend. It goes hand in hand with compassion, and a willingness and need, really, to help others.

4 Confidence

person, finger, sense, Dwill, crush, There's a line between confidence and arrogance; which side does your guy fall on?

5 Humor

person, eating, sense, Choose a man who makes you laugh, and you'll be happy forever.

6 Wit

, Wit is sort of the combination of intelligence and humor, with some keen-ness thrown in. Add clever word-play, and be still my heart.

7 Charm

person, people, green, photography, man, Whether he's shy or flirtatious, a guy who knows how to turn on the (genuine) charm is my weakness.

8 Unselfishness

human action, person, nose, mouth, singing, If he puts the needs of others above his own, and does it without complaint, then he's met another of my "killer app" criteria.

9 The Ability to Say Those Three Little Words

hair, face, person, nose, facial hair, Not necessarily "I Love You," though those three words are important too. I'm talking about "I am sorry." In other words, a guy needs to be able to admit when he's wrong, and not be too proud to admit it.

Actually, now that I think of it, all of these traits are ones we should try to achieve in ourselves, too. Which of these are most important to you? What would you add to my list?

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