These 7 Tricks Will Get Rid of Your Jealousy ...


Jealousy is a natural feeling, but too much of it can ruin a relationship, along with your self-esteem. That's why you need to rearrange your thoughts in order to reduce your jealousy. It'll be difficult to train yourself to think differently, but eventually it'll come as second nature to you. Here are a few tricks that are guaranteed to get rid of your jealousy:

1. Work on Your Relationship

If you truly trust that your partner will never leave you or cheat on you, then there's nothing to be jealous about. Even if a beautiful girl pops up on TV or walks by in a bar, the thought of going after her won't cross his mind. That's why the best way to get rid of your jealousy is to take a close look at your relationship and work on fixing the reasons why you're doubting your man's faithfulness.

Change Your Appearance


Well am overly jealous now and don't know what to do.i feel it's ruining my relationship..I know my boyfriend would never cheat on me but I still can't help at a breaking point so am hoping this article really helps me
Karina Smith-Reyes
I agree with most of it but the change your appearance bit.
Does anyone know who the girl in the picture is??
Yeah @ Kat With a K.....her eyebrows are beautiful
peony blue
Jealousy comes to us all and all you have to do is take a step back and remember that the person you might be green eyed monstering about I'd feeling the same about you.
Speaking of jealousy, the girl on the cover has spectacular eyebrow game. I am pretty envious ;)
I agree it starts with you!
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