9 Things a Guy May Want from You ...


9 Things a Guy May Want from You ...
9 Things a Guy May Want from You ...

What do guys want? If you're into guys, you've probably been wondering that since you first discovered boys had some purpose other than farting and pulling hair. Men are just as mysterious as women when they want to be, because here's the thing – sex isn't all they're after, and it's a disservice to think so. But what's all the other stuff they want? Well, for starters, here some of the things a guy may want from you, things that aren't sexual in nature.

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One thing a guy may want from you is a little admiration. You know how you like it when your boyfriend notices a new haircut or see that you've lost weight? That's all he wants too – even if you have to exaggerate a little bit. There might be a few cans missing from his six-pack, sure, but you can still let him know you like it!


A Little Flirtation

Once you're in a relationship, even once you're just casually dating, it can be hard to keep up the flirt factor. Girls often lodge that complaint against their boyfriends, but odds are that he feels the same way. He's probably not asking for much, you know. A wink across a crowded room, a little smile when you're hanging out with your friends – he'll be happy.


Equality at the Movies

This one isn't really romantic anything, but I'm pretty sure it's true. This is just a little thing a guy may want from you, but it'll mean a lot to him. He'll watch a chick flick for you, that's not the problem. While doing so, however, he'd really appreciate it if you share your snacks. Half the Twizzlers, split up the Sno Caps – share and share alike!


Gift Assistance

I've actually never met a guy who didn't want this at some time or another. When it comes to buying gifts for his mom or grandmother or sister on special occasions, like birthdays or Christmas or Mother's Day, he'd love it if you offered to help him. Not all guys are clueless here, not by a long shock … but a lot of them could definitely use some assistance.


Innocent Affection

Not every kiss has to lead to sex. Not every kiss has to be passionate and steamy. There are many men out there who would like to see you smile in the morning. They would love it if you held them close when they get home. And goodnight kisses? Those make them melt inside.



Compromise is important in any relationship, and it's just as important to guys as it is to girls. Whether it's deciding where you'll spend the holidays, who gets to watch what on the television, or being able to get bacon and onions on half the pizza you just ordered, this will make him happy. Plus, being willing to compromise ultimately leads to smoother relationships.



There are some things guys never want to do … and never want to hear. The majority of them would be really happy never hear the questions, “Does this make me look fat?” or “Does this make my butt look big?” ever, ever again. It always confuses them, because it feels like there's no right answer. So consider his feelings before asking him to do or say certain things – you know you like it when he does the same.


Emotional Help

One really important thing that a guy may want from you may be really difficult for him to ask of you. A lot of guys need a little help getting to the “I love you” stage. They feel it, they do absolutely adore you. However, getting those three monumental words out there in the open can be difficult, even scary.


Straight Talk

Finally, aside of pretending that his three-pack is a six-pack and things like that, guys want you to be as honest as possible with them. Yeah, you have to baby your boyfriend sometimes (and a husband a lot of the time), but they're really into equality at the same time. You both just need to remember to be tactful, dig?

I know that the popular stereotype states that all guys want sex, which is different from physical intimacy. However, I think this list of things a guy may want from you proves otherwise. In many ways, men want the same thing women want, they may simply have a harder time saying so. Do you agree or disagree?

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