17 Things Boys Will Never Understand about Girls ...


17 Things Boys Will Never Understand about  Girls ...
17 Things Boys Will Never Understand about  Girls ...

Men and women aren't all that different. However, there are some things that are difficult to understand about the opposite sex. Here are a few things that boys will never understand about girls:

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Why We Go to the Bathroom Together

Why We Go to the Bathroom Together We go to the bathroom together to gossip, to freshen up our makeup together, and to keep each other safe from strangers.


Why It Takes Us so Long to Get Ready

Why It Takes Us so Long to Get Ready Some men will never understand how complicated it is to make your eyeliner match--and that's only one part of the makeup application process. We also have to do our lips and shadow and foundation, and then we have to shave and do our hair and paint our nails and pick an outfit and pack our pocketbook.


How We Have so Many Clothes, but Nothing to Wear

hair, mouth, sense, selfie, have, Men can wear the same exact outfit all week long. However, we like to switch things up. We don't want to look plain.


Why We Make Certain Selfie Faces

Why We Make Certain Selfie Faces Making the "duck face," or any other silly face in a selfie, is a way to make us relax and feel more confident. We hate looking at pictures of ourselves, so we try to keep them lighthearted and fun.


How Periods Work

How Periods Work Some men don't even know how tampons work. They'll never understand how painful cramps are.


Why We Wear Heels

black, white, black and white, clothing, leg, We wear heels, because they make our booties and breasts look amazing. Beauty requires pain, which is why we'll stumble around in heels until our feet are raw.


Why We Buy so Many Throw Pillows

Why We Buy so Many Throw Pillows There's not much to "get" about throw pillows. They're just cute, so we like to own as many as we can fit on the bed.


Why Our Pocketbooks Are so Stuffed

Why Our Pocketbooks Are so Stuffed We like to be prepared. That's why our pocketbooks always feel like there are bricks inside of them. We carry around as much as we can.


Why We Can't Get Enough of Pinterest

hair, face, human action, blond, nose, Most men don't even know what Pinterest is. However, it's a productive place for us. It's where we can plan out meals and dates and wedding day.


Why We Love Matching Underwear

Why We Love Matching Underwear Men don't actually care if our bra and panties match. They don't care what color they are, because they think we look gorgeous no matter what.


Why We Watch Romcoms

Why We Watch Romcoms A lot of men can't stand romantic comedies. They don't see the appeal in a film that's focused on dialogue instead of pure action.


Why We Test Them

Why We Test Them Men hate when we test them. However, it's our way of making sure they're boyfriend material, so we don't end up wasting our time with them.


Testing them is like our own personal quality assurance process. We're not doing it to play games or be difficult – it's about ensuring compatibility and securing an emotional investment. Think of it as a compatibility check; we want to know if they can handle our quirks, support our dreams, and stand strong in the face of drama. After all, it's not just about finding a boyfriend, it’s about finding a partner – someone who's ready to ride the rollercoaster of life with us, hands in the air, screaming with laughter all the way.


Why We Say, “I’m Fine”

Why We Say, “I’m Fine” Men want us to be honest with them. They don't want to guess why we're upset. They just want us to tell them.


In relationships, communication is key. However, when it comes to expressing our emotions, women often struggle to be completely honest with their partners. This is due to societal expectations and gender norms that have taught women to suppress their feelings and always appear calm and collected. Saying "I'm fine" has become a common response to avoid confrontation or appearing needy. This behavior can lead to misunderstandings and frustration for both parties. It's important for men to understand the underlying reasons behind this response and create a safe and open environment for their partners to express their true emotions.


Why We Steal His Food

Why We Steal His Food Men don't understand why we refuse to order fries, but then steal some of his. Of course, it's just because we only wanted a few. We didn't want an entire meal.


Why We Have Cat Fights Instead of Fist Fights

Why We Have Cat Fights Instead of Fist Fights Men typically resolve their issues with fist fights. They don't understand why women will typically make catty remarks instead of hitting each other.


Why We Wear Uggs

Why We Wear Uggs Men will never understand our favorite fashion items.


Why We Put up with Them

Why We Put up with Them Most men admit that they're hard to deal with. That's why they don't understand why we love them so much.

Men and women aren't all that different, but somehow men still don't understand why we do certain things. What will you never understand about boys?

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"Men and women aren't all that different" lol, someone is in denial..

Nice article, though from a very different culture but still can totally relate to it:-)

Really some men are fascinated how a woman's pus oozes every month they just can't get over it !!!

This is so accurate

This was a good article, but a bit too generalized! The many faces of selfies, some of us think selfies are pretty vain! Periods, lol of course they'll never understand them until they have one, and the reason God/Mother Nature gave child bearing to girls is because boys couldn't handle it! Nothing bigger than 2" heels for me and who cares about throw pillows, really? Cat fights vs. fist fights is easy, why suffer physical pain if your mouth can handle the work for you? Boys don't mind the occasional pain they experience from a fight, give them periods and pain every month, I bet they'd start cat fighting too! UGGs = Ugly.... So what will I never understand about boys? Why they LIE so much about everything? Why is being an asshole, cool? And, why do they think the grass is always greener in someone else's yard, when usually they are the ones who do the yard work? Don't they know they know/understand that a nice green yard requires work, attention, and regular maintenance? They just want the green where someone else is doing the work!!! lol

I guess I'm the "guy". Ouch. Btw, I'm a lady

that was really fun to read... awesome article

Most of the things here I never understood

@Kayla In 32 years, I have not been in a fist fight (& I will not in the future). First of all, no one/no reason is worth the chance of being arrested. Plus, I know I wouldn't be competition whatsoever b/c, again, I'm not fighting back & risking the trouble. Call me superficial, but the first thing that came to mind is that I'm not okay with my face being disfigured & my clothes ruined over something that can be easily avoided.

This was a funny article really enjoyed it!

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