Every Guy Loves a Kind Compliment ...


These are things every guy loves to hear. There are specific things that make a guy feel loved just like there are specific things that make you as a woman feel loved. You probably love to hear that he thinks you’re beautiful or how he’s always dreamed of meeting someone like you. These statements are kind of the equivalent of those, they're just things every guy loves to hear.

1. “I Love How Strong You Are.”

One of the things every guy loves to hear is that you notice his strength and appreciate it. He wants to know you know he’s strong enough to protect you if the situation ever arises. This may not make perfect sense to you but trust me on this one. Try it out and watch his reaction. Most likely, he’ll stand a little taller after this compliment.

“I’m Proud of You.”


Couldn't agree more Jennapher! You took the words right out of my mouth. No you don't have your 'bitch' on. You are like me-the opposite to the stepfords wives type (who would in fact give these compliments!)
I try and tell my boyfriend these all the time..... It's true. He loves it! Love this article
You can still be a powerful woman and still need a man unless you are playing for the other team! Face it, we all like to be buttered up! The important thing is to actually mean it! Substitute "smar...
I greatly appreciate the concept upon which this article is based, but I can't help but feel that most of these are sexist. All men are "strong" and love to hear about it? Just how does it feel being ...
that is great
Mann all fake liars so no
I love these!!
Tell my guy all these things
Loved this ❤️
Hinal Patel
It's really work ??
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