7 Things Every Woman Should Learn in Order to Stop Relying on a Man ...


You don't want to rely on your partner or parent for everything, which is why there are things every woman should learn. Being independent is important, because you won't always have someone around to help you out. There's no reason to rely on someone else, when you're perfectly capable of handling situations on your own. Here are some things every woman should learn so that she's independent:

1. How to Handle Her Car

For some reason, most people don't know much about their cars. They know exactly how their tiny cell phone works, but they're ignorant of the way their car works. It's scary to drive around in a machine that you know nothing about. You should learn how to check the oil, how to use a jack, and how to change a tire. Figuring out important information about her car is one of the things every woman should learn, because it could save her life.

How to Balance a Checkbook


agree 100%
isn't this stating the obvious? Another article just for us silly little helpless girls. what a joke
i am all this even to my man, i may not own a car but i take care of his car like its my own and change his tires. its like really? who do you rely on more? i rely on him to take me places that are li...
Some women don't know how to balance a checkbook?? A dios mio.
I'm currently working on this! great article!
how to love yourself. my husband is social. I'm not. I like being alone so we get a good balance
truelala ❀️it
I agree! I'm getting a divorce because my husbsnd won't allow me to do any of these things. He said he wants me to rely on him. Great article!
Matea Mumford
nice article
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