17 Things Girls Think about Facial Hair ...

Facial Hair is one of those things that girls usually either love or hate. Facial hair is also one of those things guys like to play around and experiment with, even though they kind of really shouldn't sometimes. You're with me, right, ladies? Some types of facial hair just do not look good, period. So, for ladies who'd like a laugh and for lads who'd like a little learnin' on this subject, let's take a look at some of the things girls really think about facial hair...

1. The Shaving Part

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Do you know what the worst thing about facial hair is? The part where it ends up in the sink. When guys shave, they have a tendency to leave the remains in the sink, which is gross. We try not to leave hair in the bathtub, you know – but we can start doing it if you don't start washing that stuff down the drain!

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