8 Things Guys Should Not Tell Their Girlfriends ...


Every guy needs a list of things not to tell your girlfriend. Yes, I know, this is a site for women, but we donΒ΄t have enough security, and sometimes a guy wanders in by mistake. Besides, girls, you can print this out and leave it in a prominent place. Back to the guys. There are so many things not to tell your girlfriend, as it will only lead to doom. Your doom, that is. So remember, these are the things not to tell your girlfriend …

1. That's Not a Girl Thing

Oh dear. Never tell a woman that something isn't for girls. Get with the program, boyfriend. This is the 21st century and women can do anything we want. Implying that we're trying to do something that's meant for guys will probably lead to your girlfriend demonstrating that anything you can do, she can do better.

There's a Game on Her Birthday and You're Going


My ex used to complain saying that I won't do something all his exes did. Glad he's gone.
Akshatha Niranjana
a guy shouldnt mention a girls ex's during happy moments. right now I'm with him and thats all that counts. who gives a damn what the ex's would have thought or felt or whatever.
I DEFINITELY disagree with number 8... I'm a guy, so maybe I just have no Idea, but PERSONALLY I think, that you should NEVER just say yes just because she's a woman... - first of all she'd get the im...
Jessica Rose
i hate it when guys talk about other girls, whether they know them or not! saying that a girl u just glanced at on the tv is sexy or giving a second look to a girl walking by isn't what we want to see...
Good advice! :) Although that goes both ways.
Absolutely with you on that. Aren't they supposed to love you for you?
I totally agree on number 3. Some men are so stupid that they can't omit that, but they do omit things more important in a relationship. For me, when a boyfriend tells me I have small bobs, it's just ...
Ash :*
Well, maybe not telling her that she isn't as good as her ex. Would help? :P
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