8 Things Guys Shouldn't Say to Girls Who Are Virgins 💘 ...

For all the guys out there: there's certain things which you should stay clear of when talking to a girl who's a virgin =
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No matter what you say just remember to be super respectful of anything she tells you and it might pay to think about it what you're saying back before you reply! 💭📱

1. "You Must Be a Prude then" 😠 😧

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Assuming a girl is prudish just because she happens to be a virgin is not always true or accurate. She may not have had sex yet but she very well may have done other sexual things in her life, which absolutely doesn't make her a prude! It just means she hasn't gone all the way yet and that's fine. It's wrong and unfair to stick the 'prude' label onto a girl who hasn't had sex.

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