8 Things Guys Shouldn't Say to Girls Who Are Virgins ...


8 Things Guys Shouldn't Say to Girls Who Are Virgins ...
8 Things Guys Shouldn't Say to Girls Who Are Virgins ...

For all the guys out there: there's certain things which you should stay clear of when talking to a girl who's a virgin =
⚠️ 💀 ✖️

No matter what you say just remember to be super respectful of anything she tells you and it might pay to think about it what you're saying back before you reply! 💭📱

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"You Must Be a Prude then" 😠 😧

film, queer-punk, de,, I'm, just, Assuming a girl is prudish just because she happens to be a virgin is not always true or accurate. She may not have had sex yet but she very well may have done other sexual things in her life, which absolutely doesn't make her a prude! It just means she hasn't gone all the way yet and that's fine. It's wrong and unfair to stick the 'prude' label onto a girl who hasn't had sex.


"Sex Isn't That Big of a Deal" 👊 🖕

British Broadcasting Corporation, album cover, person, music, film, We all have differing opinions on whether sex and losing your virginity is a big deal or not because it's different for all of us. Telling a virgin that sex isn't a 'big deal' can be very insulting because to her it might be a huge deal and absolutely no one has the right to tell her she's wrong for believing that. It's okay that you personally might believe it's not a big deal, but it's never okay to push your beliefs onto someone else who might think otherwise.


"You're a Bit Old to Still Be a Virgin, Aren't You?" ⚠️ 💀

person, Like,, excuse, for, being, This one makes it sound like we have to lose our virginities by a certain age, which is obviously not the case at all. Some people will decide to lose it while they're young and others when they're older. Making it sound like there's a 'virginity age' is a sure way to make a virgin feel offended and hurt because of the simple fact that it's a pretty insensitive thing to say.


"I'll Be around if You Want to Lose It Anytime Soon" 📱✖️

hair, person, facial expression, hairstyle, smile, For girls, telling a guy that she's a virgin isn't always easy or comfortable thing to do, so if she does make the decision to do this it should be fully respected and accepted by the guy. What's not respectable, though, is when he doesn't take it seriously and says something like 'that's allgood, I'm around if you feel like doing it anytime soon ;). Just no...don't do it, guys.


"so...how Far Have You Gone then?" ❎ ❎

hair, hairstyle, singer, costume, album cover, Another question that may be extremely personal to a girl who's a virgin. It's a bit strange to tell someone all about your sexual experience (or lack there of) and history, so why do guys still think it's okay to ask such a personal and even invasive question? Maybe they're just being nosey or curious, but they should still be respectful of the fact that you may barely know them and therefore don't want to discuss such a personal matter with someone who's basically a stranger!


"Wow, You Must Be Really Religious" ✝️ ⛪️

sculpture, demon, ASSUME, TOO, MUCH, Assuming that a girl is a virgin because of her religion is not a great thing to do either. Yes, some people may be virgins for religious reasons but there are hundreds of other reasons why they might be a virgin as well and it might have absolutely nothing to do with religion, because not everyone is religious to begin with! But even if this was the case, it would be completely her decision to tell him that it's for religious reasons or keep it to herself - she shouldn't feel obligated to prove him right or wrong based on the assumption he made.


"Are You Ever Going to Lose It?" 🕗 🕜

hair, dont, knownhow, answer, that, Girls who are virgins may or may not have an idea as to when they want to lose their virginity, so how are they supposed to answer this question?! Do guys expect a response something like 'yes, I'm going to lose my virginity on 27th August 2016 at precisely 7.45pm' or what? Seriously, not only is it a super intrusive question but it's a pretty silly thing to say anyway!


"Cute, You're so Innocent" 👯 👼

person, black hair, singing, finger, singer, Just because a girl is a virgin doesn't mean she's a little kid or wants to be compared to one! Guys need to remember that even if that's what they're thinking, it doesn't need to be said out loud! Pretty much no one in this world is completely innocent with a halo circling their head, we all make mistakes from time and time because that's just life, isn't it? Instead of telling us how we're so innocent, why not give us a little bit of credit by telling us about how we're such amazing women who should be respected for our decision to wait?

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