7 Things You Should Not Give up for Girls Who Have a BF πŸ‘«β€οΈ ...


Being in a relationship isn't all that different from being single. Sure, there are a few major differences, like the fact that you'll have someone to kiss and hug on a daily basis. However, you're still the same person now as you were when you were single. In order to prove it, here are a few things that having a boyfriend shouldn't stop you from doing:

1. Having Male Friends

You're allowed to have male friends. You don't have to cut off all of the boys in your life, just because you're in a relationship. Of course, if those boys are your exes or people that you had huge crushes on, it's understandable for your partner to be uncomfortable with you hanging out with them. In order to ease his doubts, make sure to hang out in a group, or just cut off the boys he sees as threats.

Having a Career


I agree!!!
Thumbs up for this article. Do not control your gf/bf.
Being independent
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This is a great article, being in a relationship shouldn't prevent individuality. I just wish people could learn that suppression and control isn't love.
also DO NOT invite your boyfriend when you hang out with you're friend no body wants to be a third wheelerr.
me best friend has a boyfriend and ever since then I only see her at school, also she's starting a course with him next year..
Beyond PERFECTLY put! I wish all women young & old could see this article and keep the wisdom from each paragraph or heck from each label.
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