5. They Will Push Themselves to Go out – if You Want to

They Will Push Themselves to Go out – if You Want to

We're generally happy lounging around the house reading, watching TV, or playing games, or maybe hanging out with a small, close group of friends. We'll make ourselves presentable and go out with you if we're in love, though – and we'll even enjoy ourselves.

They'll Even Make an Appearance at a Party for You


Haley Boone
I am glad u made this post because I am having a very diffuclt challenge with one of my boyfriends and this made me feel so much better.- Thank you
I am very comfortable in my own skin, being an introvert πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‰
I am introvert
I'm an introvert too. These are all true.
Paris Heart
I have met one. And it was awesome
Oh yes, special introvert powers! Nothing to be ashamed about.
Love it
Yes, me : o
Depend on mood sometimes introvert sometimes extrovert.
It's totally me :)
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