7 Things It's Healthy to Miss about Your Ex ...


7 Things It's Healthy to Miss about Your Ex ...
7 Things It's Healthy to Miss about Your Ex ...

Missing your ex doesn't mean you should get back together with your ex. It's normal to miss the little things about dating him, even if you know that you two aren't meant to be. That's why you shouldn't start doubting your decision to end the relationship. It's normal to miss some things about your ex, especially these things:

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The Sex

The Sex Even if you weren't sexually active, you probably loved the feeling of your ex's lips touching your lips, or how his body felt against yours when you would cuddle in his bed. Of course, you can get that type of physical affection elsewhere. You can invite your puppy or bestie to cuddle with you on the couch or give you a big hug. And when it comes to sex, there's always masturbation.


His Clothes

His Clothes It's always fun to walk around in your man's oversized shirts and smell his cologne on them. Of course, you have your own closet that's brimming with cute clothes to wear. Besides, breakups are the perfect time for a shopping spree, so you can buy some new outfits that are even comfier than his sweatshirts were. Don't be afraid to spoil yourself.


His Family

His Family Sometimes, you won't miss your ex as much as you miss his dog. If he had a little sister or a mother that you got along well with, then you'll miss them, too. Of course, you don't have to be dating him in order to talk to them. If you two ended on a good note, you can keep them as your friends on Facebook.


His Presents

His Presents If he bought you a new necklace every month, you probably miss getting spoiled with gifts. Of course, material items aren't everything. You deserve to be with someone who truly makes you happy, not just someone who tries to win you over with presents.


His Cooking

His Cooking If your ex cooked for you, you probably miss the taste of his meals. But you don't have to sit around, wishing he was there to cook for you. You can learn the recipe yourself. Then you won't have to rely on anybody else to whip it up for you.


Your inside Jokes

Your inside Jokes You two had an inside joke about Gilmore Girls, and now that it's coming back, you're dying to talk to him about it. No one else understands the way that he would, but that doesn't mean you should talk to him. Just be happy that he probably thought of you when he heard the news, just like you thought of him.


Just Having a Boyfriend

Just Having a Boyfriend Some of us like the idea of having a boyfriend, even when that boyfriend sucks. It's nice to be able to brag about him, to call him up when you're bored, and have someone to drag to the movie that none of your friends want to see. However, single life can be just as exciting! Don't knock it until you try it!

You two shouldn't get back together, just because you miss a few of the little things about him. You need to look at the big picture and stick with the decision that you know is right. Do you miss anything about your ex, or are you happy that he's out of the picture?

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So true

Even though my last relationship from 1 year ago was the hardest to leave (I was taken advantage of), I miss my ex from 2 years ago more...the memories are so vivid, it's hard to let them go :/

Now i miss him more :(

I often have relapses over missing my ex, and times like those make me think that I'm not over him - thankyou ever so much for this post, this has made my day to know that it's Normal to miss this xx

@Rachhh_xo stay strong.

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