7 Unfair ⛔️ Things to Ask of Your Boyfriend πŸ‘« for Girls Who Want to Play Fair πŸ’πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸΎπŸ’πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΏ ...


There are certain things that your boyfriend should be happy to do for you. Meanwhile, there are other things that you have no business asking your boyfriend to do for you. He's not your toy, which means you're not in control of every aspect of his life. Even if your boyfriend would die for you if you asked him to, here are a few things that it's unfair to ask your boyfriend to do:

1. End Friendships

There are certainly exceptions to this rule. If your boyfriend is friends with a sketchy ex or with a guy who has cursed you out, then it's perfectly fine for you to ask him to stop talking to them. However, if you just don't like one of his friends, because the guy is immature, you shouldn't order your boyfriend to cut contact with him. You don't have to like all of your partner's friends, just like he doesn't have to like all of your friends.

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The women and men in porn are completely FAKE. Fake boobs, fake butt, fake DICK!!!!! I'd maybe have a different opinion if they weren't so fake looking.
It's not about 'letting' him do something. It's more about being able to live with whatever you find him at fault for. Like @laura. She couldn't be mentally healthy in a relationship with a guy who watched porn.
He can always just leave and honestly @alka it sounds like you've been brainwashed by some man. Don't forget about your rights in a relationship, kay? I don't want you to get walked all over.
The Queen Of Bitches
People who r saying they should should get a mental check up. No offense.
The Queen Of Bitches
I mean honestly who lets their bf watch porn?
The Queen Of Bitches
The Queen Of Bitches
I spun let my bf watch porn it is wrong. It makes me feel bad.
The Queen Of Bitches
@casey I stopped watching their videos they kept their relationship a secret for so long it is so annoying.
Who keeps using pictures of Zoe and Alfie for these types of articles?
I never really thought about him watching porn as cheating. I'm ngl, I did ask my bf to stop watching it a while ago. I didn't ask him to stop because he was "cheating" though, i asked him to stop bec...
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