5. Quit His Job

If your man is happy with the career he has, then you shouldn't ask him to quit. If his salary is low, then you can encourage him to get a second job instead. Just don't ask him to give up his career completely, especially if it's his dream. Don't you think it's better for him be happy with his job than to make millions of dollars?

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Porn can be a silent killer to a relationship. It can turn into an actual physical addiction. It's very serious and can hurt a relationship deeply. It would never be wrong to ask your man to stop doin...
@mmss same lol
I don't see anything wrong with my bf watching porn. We even watch together!
I agree that one ruined the post for me lol porn is disgusting
If your partner shows interest in porn! That will be the right time to leave him ➰
Porn is a huge nooooo!
Nooooo WATCHING PORN!! It means that he's dealing with something and there's a problem. TF?
Porn is like he's mentally cheating on you. Just because it may be better than something else doesn't make it alright for him to do that bad thing in the first place. That's how some people allow abuse. "I'd rather have him hurt me than the kids"
#3 is totally acceptable to ask to stop. Every relationship is different and me and my man have well established it's not welcome and I WILL leave him if I catch him doing it, and he has no desire to watch something that he can get better at home
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