3. That Sounds Fun

Men constantly take things sexually, even if you aren't purposely putting it that way. This is one way to be able to flirt with a boy with out being so open about it.

When a girl hears these words, we take it as him being sarcastic, or flirty, or just plain serious that whatever you are talking about sounds fun. When leading a conversation, use this saying to your advantage to tangle the bait in front of the boy you are playing with. When it comes to hearing it from him, don't be that crazy that girl overreacts to everything. Just know more times than not, he literally means what he is saying with no hidden meaning.



Katrina Hiagi-Daucocoka
Love this!
Angela Gallagher
Really? Hah he's a very shy guy, and it was the first time we speak privately.
Heather Jensen
Mm, it could mean that he was scared to touch you beyond shaking hands!
Angela Gallagher
What does it mean when a guy says goodbye by shaking your hand instead of hugging you???!!
Heather Jensen
Hi Breezee! It's hard to keep an older guy interested at that age, but I's that you need to flirt with him more and then -- maybe confront him with your feelings and figure out where he stands.
Heather Jensen
Hi Lana! I think that you really need to know the guy and how he uses 'em. I use them all the time with my girlfriend and it's fine. :)
I didn't realize the emoticons thing... Are they really that bad?
Cordelia Mashiah
I dnt kno I'm single and I'm nt datin right nw
Heather Jensen
Hi Farah! I think that if a guy keeps saying it more than once, he means it. :)
@breeze! Okay you may get upset but you did ask so here's my opinion. Dating older guys when your only 14 is tough. I know three years isn't a big deal when your 20 and 23 but 14 and 17 are. You have ...
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