4. Emoticons

Let me put this very clearly on where I stand with emoticons: do not use them. They are a lame excuse to hide your motive about how you really feel. If you let a guy know you are having a good day, no need to add a smiley face, pretty sure he thinks you're smiling if your day is swell. The universal meaning behind a winking face, "Please don't think I'm creepy.

I just made an awkward joke. Text me back LOL because my ego is on the line." Be aware of boys who use emoticons. They think they are coming off cute but truth is they either are trying too hard because you make them so nervous, or they are just simply sleazy. When a guy is seeing emoticons from a girl, it's a simple trigger point for them to know you like them. Don't give your emotions away too easily in those emoticons!

I Love You


Hahaha this is so freaking true! Rading every paragraph I was like oh damn, there goes me hahahah loved it!
My bf and i have always used emoticons, nothihg wrong with it! Haha and it's when i don't use them for a few messages that he'll think something's wrong
Katrina Hiagi-Daucocoka
Love this!
Angela Gallagher
Really? Hah he's a very shy guy, and it was the first time we speak privately.
Heather Jensen
Mm, it could mean that he was scared to touch you beyond shaking hands!
Angela Gallagher
What does it mean when a guy says goodbye by shaking your hand instead of hugging you???!!
Heather Jensen
Hi Breezee! It's hard to keep an older guy interested at that age, but I's that you need to flirt with him more and then -- maybe confront him with your feelings and figure out where he stands.
Heather Jensen
Hi Lana! I think that you really need to know the guy and how he uses 'em. I use them all the time with my girlfriend and it's fine. :)
I didn't realize the emoticons thing... Are they really that bad?
Cordelia Mashiah
I dnt kno I'm single and I'm nt datin right nw
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