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7 Things Men do That Makes Us Love Them More ...

By Alicia

You love your guy for who he is and the special relationship you have together. But sometimes he can just do things that steal your heart. I can relate because my husband and I have these magical moments, too. These are the moments to treasure and remember for always.

1 Kiss Your Forehead

What girl doesn’t love it when her guy does this? A kiss on the lips is loving, but there’s just something special about a kiss on the forehead. It seems to say that you’re deeply special to him and his love for you runs deep. It’s a forever kind of kiss that men who are seriously committed give. If your guy does this, you’re a lucky girl.

2 Hold You when You Cry

Women want to be held when they cry. Some women cry easier than others do and that’s okay. We’re all different, but one thing about us is the same. We love when our man takes us in his arms and holds us. It doesn’t matter what you’re crying over; what matters is knowing he’s there to comfort you and dry your tears.

3 Surprise You with Flowers for No Reason at All

Just-because flowers are the best kind. Flowers are always a lovely gift, no matter why you’re getting them. But when your guy goes out of the way to get you flowers for no particular reason, your love for him is guaranteed to grow deeper. Knowing that you were in his heart so much that he wanted to do something special for you is awesome. The moment he hands you just-because flowers is guaranteed to melt your heart.

4 Tell His Friends How Great You Are

One of the many things I deeply love about my husband is that he talks about me in such a positive manner. He tells me the things he says about me to others. Knowing that his love runs deep for me and that he’s proud of me makes me adore him even more. If your guy does this too then you understand. How can you not love a man who brags about you?

5 Lift Your Chin for a Kiss

Be still my heart! This is one of the most loving and romantic things a guy can do. It’s guaranteed to make you love him even more. In fact, if you’re fortunate enough to be with a guy who does this then you remember it well, don’t you? This one special move is impossible to forget.

6 Surprise You with a Weekend Away

If your guy hasn’t done this for you, don’t give up. It may be a few years into your relationship before it happens. We’d been married four years when my husband did this for me. However, it’s perfectly okay to tell your guy that you’d love this surprise. Your hints can be very helpful to him.

7 He Shows His Protective Side

There are things a guy does for you that let you know he wants to protect you. I know we women are strong and can be very independent. But isn’t it nice to have someone who cares so deeply for you that he’ll put himself in harm’s way before he’ll allow you to be in that place? He could show this in different ways. He might handle a difficult situation to spare you from it or show his protective side by making sure your car is running correctly. However this trait shows up in your man, it’s something to treasure.

These are 7 things that men do to make us love them more. What special things does your guy do? You’re welcome to brag about him here!

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