13. Natural when It Counts

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Just because we like makeup doesnโ€™t mean that we have to wear it all of the time. A guy wants a girl that is going to be natural when it counts -- such as going to the beach! A guy loves it when a girl doesnโ€™t take two hours to look perfect when, in his opinion, she is perfect no matter what. He wants a girl that is so confident in herself, she doesnโ€™t need anything but herself.

Isnโ€™t Scared to Get down & Dirty


"I hope you like it" a little too much a perfectionist.. xD but anyways
there are still few things I need to change in myself.. but the spontaneous, being funny, and tomboyish part are too much XD.. I'm not so serious sometimes it seems like I am a teenager rather then 24...
Juliet Savage
well... got a few things to work on. (good driver) but this list pretty much nails it.
Janine G
Chel Chele
Philip Prine
This list really nails it. I was 45 years old before I met a complete women like this. We are happily marrued now, and I have never been happier. An accomplished and confident women doesn't rely on me...
Nice article
Ross Bot
i agree.a way to a man\'s heart is through his stomach but did you know a way to a woman\'s heart? a lot of BS. a man will say a lot of BS just to impress her that is why you women needs to be careful...
Ross Bot
i think its me lol
but... i love my boyfriend TONS but I always feel im not pretty enough for him... whats a good tip that will make me feel confident and strong?
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