2. Spontaneous

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Being able to “go with the flow” is one of the traits men 👍 in women the most, and I must admit I’m still not nearly as spontaneous as my fiance would like me to be, although I’m working on it.

Most of our men would never sing in front of us (professional singers excluded) but they just love to hear us sing (even if it sounds more like howling), they ❤️ to see us dance around the house, they will gladly throw us a surprise if they know the reaction will be positive and they ❤️ to see us being us (even if it involves a certain dose of silliness).

A Good Driver


I loved every single post, how profound and true
Trina Haynes Yarborough
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@pikachu_lover20 thats it 👍🏻
Sounds soooo freakimg simple ....but you have to work hard for it
Mila Lern
For some reason simple never worked for me ;(
Mila Lern
Very simple ;)
What you see is what you get, take it or leave it. Don't like it? Leave me alone. Simple.
Being a woman is hard.
About being a strong woman... I think I'm messing up my relationship with my man... I'm always negative, pessimistic and I cry all the time. I have to show him that I'm strong. And I know it's not too late.
While it is over simplistic to make these lists, it had been my experience that girly girls may attract some men in the beginning, it's women who aren't afraid of being strong, independent and capable that keep the interests of the type of guy I'd want to be with.
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