3. A Good Driver

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Although our men often complain about female drivers, most of them would agree driving skills are a must for a modern woman. But, some of them are ready to go even further and admit they ❀️ a woman who can make that engine purr like an overgrown kitten! Shocking? Nah, not really!

Accomplished and Fulfilled


Wry just gotta add something I didn't say b4 he texted me for a little bit but then stopped he did text me for like 1 week
I like this guy who knows I like him but he wont talk to me! I tried texting him but he didn't answer..... how can I get him to like me when he wont even talk to me or text me or be friends with me?
I would say no. If he got dumped not too long ago, it won't be healthy for either of you, because he still has to get over his ex. Instead, try to show him that you're a reliable and caring girl by li...
Theres this guy, and i dont know if i like him yet. but he seems like a really nice guy, hes good looking, and hes single. We've hung out, he drove me around on his motorcycle. i know he likes me and ...
Michigan DUI
hey thanks foe share this very use ful tips.
hey do we have to be like a fully grown woman to checkout this website cos i am only 10! :)
Bruno Ferreira
Oh, well. of course it's good to have a woman with all those traits, but she definitely has to be charming, sexy, good in bed, and not jealous. Accomplished and fulfilled women have a tendency of not ...
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