7. Real

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Although fake girls with their fake this, that and everything turn a lot of heads and probably get a lot of free drinks, most men have agreed they could never choose a girl like that for something more than just a casual romance. Whoa! What a coincidence – we feel the same way about fake guys!

Which leads us back to that ideal, fun loving, girl next door all guys love – a girl who likes to smile and doesn’t care what others think of her smile (thin lips, teeth or whatever), a girl who can tell a joke, a girl who doesn’t use “words” like OMG or TTYL, a girl who won’t have a nervous breakdown every time her mascara starts running… a REAL girl!

Ready to Compromise


@Sharon, Wow. I feel sorry for your situation, but you have a very negative outlook. Maybe if you cheered up a bit, and took pride in yourself, someone would see through your outside appearance. Or, i...
@anon, thanks for the honesty!!
Hey anon! It does sound like he might have a thing for you, but you've got to talk to him about it. Why not bring up some common interests (like hockey) and see if he flirts! Or maybe, try flirting with him and see how he responds!
Hey Anon! Have you tried to talk to him in person? You might want to try that, that way you can actually confront him face-to-face and see what he does!
@RandomChic, I think that he does like you, but you might just want to talk to him a little more! Maybe just try to get to know him more. Trust me, it might take a guy a while to admit his feelings but he will eventually!
@AJ, That is absolutely true! For a relationship to really, really work, it does have to go deeper than just good looks and attraction. It takes work to have a good relationship and even though us women are naturally insecure, if our guy builds us up, we'll be more confident!
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