9. Caring

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He really wants to know that you care for him but be careful, because repeating “I love you” until he can’t take it anymore isn’t a good way to let him know how you feel.

An average man will tell you that he loves you once and show you how much he loves you five times. You should do the same. Baby him when he’s sick or tired, surprise him every once in a while, listen to his problems – SHOW him everything you want to tell him because this quality is one of the very important things men like in women.



great post
Stephanie Ann
I also agree with number 7. My man was attracted to me 1 for my personality, and 2 because he said I wasn't fake like a lot of women he knows. He loves that I am not afraid to be myself.
Stephanie Ann
I agree with number two. My man is spontaneous and would love me to be also. Also he loves to hear me sing, but he also sings to me but don't like to sing in front of others.
💩to all the haters who commented this post
Great post love it so helpful thanks
Looks Like MEN want everything -_-
Excellent article n very helpful !! Thanks for nice article :)
i have all the qualities...............
Alex Evans
Nicole Rusk
The guy I'm talking to now told me that I was very outgoing and to him "THAT IS A BIG PLUS!"
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