2. Bellies


Believe it or not girls, one of the top things men love about our bodies is our stomach. For as hard as we try to hide it, as hard as we try to work it out, men absolutely love our bellies. It is something about the fact that we have the ability to carry a child in there and that it's soft.

Back of the Neck


I think they like soft legs, back of the neck, and a lot of hair.
I think they like soft legs
What if ur legs are scratched up cuz ur a woodsy girl that loves her scars?
Guys always compliment me on my lips, I think that should be on this list. And for me, I love hands. Its one of the first things I look at.
I am a girl, and let me tell you, it seems like my man wrote this list. I like clean feet, big hands, and wide shoulders in a guy. Also, a clean, trimmed beard. Facial hair isn't bad, but most girls d...
I agree boobs are not everything!
oh my god.............. i lovvveee david tennants body :)
I'm a 21 yr. old lady and I'm attracted to the jawline and overall face shape (how masculine and strong it is), hand (big and strong), height, shoulders&arms, and of course the smile and expressiv...
loveya ;)
personally i think that a guy should be cute but like come on it mostly matters whats on the inside <3
I'm a guy and It really annoys me that girls carry on about how they want a guy with a hot body. Bit the minute a guy says they want a girl with a hot body they get their head bit off for it.
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