4. Arms


For as much as we try to hide our arms, it is the one of the best things men love about our bodies. They love how strong they are and how soft they can be. So wrap your arms around your man next time you see him!



seriously dude. keep it to yourself. a lot of girls feel self-consious about their bodies, and your'e just making it worse. i mean, don't you have feelings. i think everyone is beautiful just the way...
collarbones?!?!? never knew that holy carp
more like "i wanna jump her bones"
I'm sooo glad u didn't put boobs on this list o.o That's not the only thing u look for in a woman.
im more of a hands kinda person i like when their hands are long slim and clean and nails arent too short but arent femenine
Haha! Agree completely. Can't live with them, can't live without them :D
Oh my gosh, guys' shoulders. A guy with broad shoulders and a thin waist. After taking in his smile and personality, that is really the first thing I notice about a guy's body. This is followed soon a...
im a lady...22... and this is true. most guys i date love my long legs, tummy, back of neck and arms... though i always like to hide my arms :) ... i like a man with a nice body... block/athletic body type..tall and with nice strong arms
i am a man and there is alot of shit i like tits ass and soft skin and good body its what we like
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