5. Backs


Men love spines. It's a known fact that they love the way our back feels pressed against them. So why not show your back off in a sexy top or even a backless dress? It's guaranteed to get your guy going! Backs are sexy ladies, so show it off!



@moocowlover3 you would think it would be cows...
@Roger Smith honestly, I completely agree with you. I'm a fifteen year-old girl and I weigh 180. I totally have the power to lose forty pounds in a few months but I am just to damned lazy. I don't ex...
So did anyone else notice that basically the only thing not on here was the one you think of first... Boobs.
@Bre Culver lolz
So from head to toe basicly
Ben Zacherl
@Monica, If it feels good, take it in. Thigh gap is largely a genetic thing though (I\'m a doctor). It has to due with the genetic width of the femoral head. You will much more likely have a thigh gap if you have a wide pelvis.
Ben Zacherl
Thanks for the list of all the things woman would wish I comment on (in a thoughtful way). It was noteworthy what body parts you DIDN\'T mention...
my boyfriend once told me that he thought my thigh gap was hot
Some of these points are a bit silly.
Bre Culver
Why do men love legs
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