15 Things Men Love about Our Bodies ...


Things Men Love about Our Bodies are not necessarily the things that we love about our bodies. Ladies, you know that we can be our own worst enemy, but some of the small things men love about our bodies are probably things we wouldn't even find attractive. Don't worry though, I've got the low-down on things men love about our bodies so that you know, just what your man is looking at!

1. Soft Skin

Soft Skin

Men love, love, love our soft skin. If you think that your skin is not one of the major things men love about our bodies, it's simply not true! Think about it, a man's skin is typically rough, so they like being able to feel something soft around them when they are cuddling. Keep your skin moisturized with a scented lotion and he won't be able to keep his hands off you!



Speda Mizuri
I mean I think you mentioned everything about a woman hahaha
men love the hips... because they do not lie
@moocowlover3 you would think it would be cows...
@Roger Smith honestly, I completely agree with you. I'm a fifteen year-old girl and I weigh 180. I totally have the power to lose forty pounds in a few months but I am just to damned lazy. I don't ex...
So did anyone else notice that basically the only thing not on here was the one you think of first... Boobs.
@Bre Culver lolz
So from head to toe basicly
Ben Zacherl
@Monica, If it feels good, take it in. Thigh gap is largely a genetic thing though (I\'m a doctor). It has to due with the genetic width of the femoral head. You will much more likely have a thigh gap if you have a wide pelvis.
Ben Zacherl
Thanks for the list of all the things woman would wish I comment on (in a thoughtful way). It was noteworthy what body parts you DIDN\'T mention...
my boyfriend once told me that he thought my thigh gap was hot
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