7. Men Love to Communicate through Actions More than Words

While women are good at expressing their feelings, men would rather communicate through actions rather than using words. Even though they know that words are important to women, they do prefer to express their feelings through actions.

Another surprising thing that you don’t know about men is that most of them actually enjoy romance, but they just doubt their skills to be romantic. They also love the fact that women are not afraid to cry, that we are maternal, that we love to spoon and that we always seem to know the right thing to say in every situation. Do you know any other things that men love more than most women realize? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!




Ms Thang
They love it when you tell them a good lie 😄😉
I don t know where Things are. I m chaos. But he still loves me...lucky me
very true. like it!
@Evelyn, vanilla is a really huge one. Lavender and Amber are also big ones. I'm pretty sure there's a post on here about what scents men like.
Nice post :) very true!
Evelyn Mae
What kind of smells do guys like on girls? I don't know they noticed lol
I'm sure they love how forgiving or (for lack of a better term) naive we can be
Yeah Im not like this 😅
Halo Girl
I love this!
this doesn't go for all girls
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