13 Things Men Say πŸ—― That Women Completely πŸ’― Hate 😑 ...


Call it honesty if you'd like, but there are conversations filled with things men say that women hate. It’s a case of freedom of speech gone wild! As a matter of fact, as I write this, I continue to come up with more ways our male counterparts put their crusty feet in their mouths. For now though, here are the seven things men say that women hate.

1. Random Smile Requests

What has to be the worst of the things men say that women hate is that we hate to smile. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, but more often than not I am asked to share a grin while minding my own business. I should be able to walk into the drugstore (of course, to get some time-of-the-month products!) without having a total stranger request that I smile. What is it that I'm supposed to be smiling at anyway?!

Dissin’ Your Job


Ann Elizabeth
I agree w #5!! I h8 it wen guys judge women bc of their weight!! Its so mean
Heather Jensen
That is really true -- but sometimes they do notice!
Abby Smith
The worst part is when they beat you.
Sometimes you dress up for them.... And they do not notice. Uffff!!
The worst part is when they compliment some other girl and asks for your opinion. !!!! I feel like ::: she looks like a bitch !!! U got it;;;
Size 8 is not a plus size. The idiot that called you that.... Ughh!
Alyona Karagadyan
Wow you are spot on
Great article, right on point!
Heather Jensen
Yes! Hate that!!
Heather Jensen
Aww! Guys do that don't they? Constantly want to see us smile.
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