8 Things Men πŸ§” Think about πŸ’­ before the First Date πŸ‘« ...

Did you really think that women are the only ones who spend hours thinking about the first date? Well, time to set things straight. Men do think and sometimes obsess about the first date as much as women. Maybe the things that men and women think about are a little different. Or maybe they are not. Here are some of the thoughts that cross his mind before a first date.

1. What do I Wear?

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Yes, they do think about it. They might change a couple of shirts until they find the one with the perfect fit that will show off their abs and muscled arms. It’s less for what you will think of his clothes and more about what makes him comfortable and confident about himself. And men might not have to put some make up on but he will still spend some time on his hair.

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