2. Admiration


Going hand in hand with respect is admiration. Guys typically love admiration, but there is a catch to this. It has to be sincere for it to work. Guys seem to have a radar to catch any insincere compliment you give them. But as long as you are telling him something you genuinely appreciate about him, he will be very pleased to hear it.



good list goes both ways. men think its ok to be fat, um no, i dont want that eithee
can't forget they need good lovin' too!
exactly wat my husband want specially respect lol
All these are true, but so basic that it's surprising to see that they have to written to inform women. Really ?
amazing I love how you put it into those words this will help a lot for my first date this Saturday thank you
men LOVE when their woman takes time to care for their self! what made him attracted to you in the first place? Your appearance! keep up with yourself not only for him, but for YOU!! :) I work in t...
Reading this puts my relationship into perspective but at the same time, it works both ways and I wish I could get my boyfriend to read this I'm girl version..
Malusi Mthethwa
love & affection
hm... I am sure women are in need of appreciation, respect.... all of the above as much as a men. why is all the time about them?
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