3. Companionship


Men like the companionship of the woman they care about. He may want you to come along when he golfs a Saturday morning game or just join him on the couch when he watches his favorite television show. The point is, he likes having you around and that is a really great thing. Sure, he needs his guy time but he likes spending time with you, too. So take advantage of that fact and find some ways you can spend more time with him.

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Denni Bee
Just remember that Men needs their space👍
Wow i tried all of these i think and it working great but … our relationship is strarting to hit rock bottom. How can i work things out with him?
Now I know 🌸
Bulls eye. Works both ways too.
P.S... The guy in the pic is HOT... Can I have him?😋
This list is cool and all, but this is basic knowledge! Who doesn't want respect from there partner? As a woman/human being I want it all. When we're out together I want my man to look handsome just a...
Great article, although I disagree with #4. Women shouldn't feel like they have to wear make-up to impress a man. Wear it if YOU want to, not because you think it's needed.
Wow amazing article, these are the simple things I think every guy can appreciate even If he's not in a realtionship. Thank you for sharing. It was nice to read :)
I think understanding helps too. Sometimes we may expect too much from our man and it may be so that they can't deliver. We need to lay off at these times
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