5. A Pleasant Tone of Voice

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Men appreciate a pleasant tone of voice with the woman they are in a relationship with, and really, don’t we all? All of us appreciate a nice, friendly tone of voice. Of course, you won’t have a pleasant tone of voice all the time unless you are a Stepford Wife, but it is something you can try to work on. In fact, it is something that we can work on with everyone in our life. People respond much better to one another when they are speaking and hearing a kind tone of voice.



Cailey Sanchez
This is a great list, it's simple but in all honest we need a reminder of the simple things every once in awhile. Thanks!
When I'm A Man I Won't Need Any Of Those Because Girls Are Mostly Nice So Girls Always Are Nice They Do All Of That
they want from you but they never tell because they don't want to be close with you they are waiting first your step to you after they will tell you we are only friend
I love this one. sometimes we're so quick to throw our men under the bus or always compare what we want to their needs, it's time we appreciate them more, respect them not walk on them. thank you!!
good list goes both ways. men think its ok to be fat, um no, i dont want that eithee
can't forget they need good lovin' too!
exactly wat my husband want specially respect lol
All these are true, but so basic that it's surprising to see that they have to written to inform women. Really ?
amazing I love how you put it into those words this will help a lot for my first date this Saturday thank you
men LOVE when their woman takes time to care for their self! what made him attracted to you in the first place? Your appearance! keep up with yourself not only for him, but for YOU!! :) I work in t...
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