3. Their Athleticism

Think about the boys you've encountered in gym class. Aren't they all so competitive? That's because they feel like they need to prove themselves by being more athletic than the other kids in the class. Even if a man isn't into sports, he might try to be the best football player in Madden NFL on his Xbox. He's just trying to prove himself in some way.

Their Manliness


Antoinette Finch
He has stopped texting and phoning me and hasn't replied to my text of three days ago but I can see he keeps texting other people (women ?) shall I contact him again?
The bra bit is helarious ..
@Carl To be honest I was much happier working in a job where I earned much less than what I do now, I really can't figure it out
I'm a guy and I'm not concerned at any of these other than hair, my dad is 57 and hasn't even gone grey yet so I should be alright...
My father is 43 years old and he still has hair all over his headπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kira Hanna Keppel
Men, just like women have been programmed by society to feel sensitive towards these type of issues. You shouldn't show sympathy or help them feel more "manly" instead show them that it's okay to be who they really are.
Their salary package... this is a big one for a lot of guys too. Although we live in an age of equality, many of our parents still taught us that we need to be the sole bread winner to make an all round attractive partner
peony blue
Yes especially their masculinity cute!
How to unhook a bra!!!! Hahahaha
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