Dating Profile Examples to Inspire Your Profile Update ...


Dating Profile Examples to Inspire Your Profile Update ...
Dating Profile Examples to Inspire Your Profile Update ...

Dating websites have become much more popular over the past several years so it's important to keep your site fresh and up to date. Sifting through the wild world of online dating is a seemingly impossible task, which is why I've compiled this list of dating profile examples to help you attract the perfect partner. Check out below for some awesome profile inspiration whether you're looking for something funny to add or appealing to your introvert personality.

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Funny Dating Profile Examples

It's always good to let your humor shine through your dating profile so you don't seem dry. Here's some ideas for funny things to include in your dating profile.

**Reviews from friends-"This girl is the life of the party" or "My go-to for advice. She knows everything!" and list the friend that said it.

*Honesty-Include something like, "Let me guess, you couldn't pass my profile without say hi."
*Cheesy Pickup Lines
*Emojify-Using emojis to show hobbies or favorites will add an eye-catching touch to your profile.

*Something funny you like-I saw a profile that said, "I like the frito smell on dogs feet." which is funny but also probably true for most.

*A funny show of your confidence-Something like this profile that said, "I'm the type of girl you can take home to your family. I'll then get closer to them than you are and we'll slowly phase you out."


Short Dating Profile Examples

No one wants to read a lengthy profile to get to the bottom of things. Make sure you include short blurbs that summarize. No one needs your life story before they've even said hi. Try out some of these:
-{Job title} by day {hobbyist} by night.
-"{Profession}. {Hobby}. {Favorite food}. Interested? Message me."
-Your life expressed in emojis.
-Mention your eating habits: Vegetarians/Vegans get 52-62% more interest based on this information being up front.
-List some pros/cons about yourself.
-Include what type of relationship your seeking to save wasting the time of both you and the other person.


Introvert Dating Profile Examples

Dating is hard for an introvert! If this is your personality type, try to include some of these in your profile:

-Something funny about your introvert personality like, "I do not have the power to easily have conversations with people I've never met." or "You're looking at the master of leaving parties early."
-Don't sound too unique.
-Be honest about your personality.
-Try not to let your personality get the best of you: Be willing to converse and meet those messaging you halfway.
-Use bullet points to describe yourself.
-Use humor.


Dating Profile Examples for Girls

Women outweigh men in the online world, so standing out can be difficult as a female. Here's some ideas of things you can do for your dating profile as a girl:
*Smile in your profile picture.
*Include multiple pictures.
*Use humor: Something like this profile that read, "I'm a funny, kind, loving person who believes in social justice and taking Sundays off."

*Express your favorites: You may not be good at describing yourself so describe things you like or don't like such as movies, books, music, etc.

*Ask a question: Want to get conversations started? Then ask a question in your bio. It just might attract those to message you.
*Stay short but sweet.


Dating Profile Examples for Men

It's hard online dating as a guy-especially with all the creeps out there making the gender look bad. Here's some dating profile examples for guys to attract the right girl:
-Write a compelling profile: This will attract a quality woman.
-Don't be sleezy.
-Keep your profile clean! Don't post pics with other girls, don't use gross pickup lines in your bio, and show your sweet side.
-Use humor.
-Don't be cocky in your pics or your description.

So there you have it! Dating profile examples and things to include to spiff up your online space. If you have an online dating profile, consider updating your profile with some of these examples and see if it attracts more people. Let me know in the comments if these work for you!

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Hey gurls just apiece of advice from ur friend LM. Just be natural just as Wendy up there so wisely pointed out,keep goin girlfriend.but seriously take it from me, in my profile I didn't hide any secrets I just pored out my life story for any hot jock to see. I got a ton of responses. I included my hobbies and pets- I enjoy baths at night and I have a pet frog. I was so relieved to see so many responses and I have a date tomorrow. Like I am so excited. Xxx69

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