9 Things Not to Say to a Single Woman ...


Whether you’re young, free and single, or are seeing someone but haven’t tied the knot yet, you’re probably used to being considered single, and you’ll know that there are definitely some things not to say to a single woman. From well-meaning friends asking you if you’re ever going to get married, to people making comments about your biological clock ticking, it can all get a bit annoying, leaving you feeling lonely and desperate – even though you’re quite happy with your single status! Here are 9 things not to say to a single woman; avoid mentioning them at all costs!

1. “Are You Ever Going to Get Married?”

Implying that someone is sad, lonely and desperate by asking them if they’re going to hurry up and get married is just plain rude. Perhaps you don’t want to get married, and you’re happy with your young, free and single lifestyle. Or perhaps you’re waiting for the right man rather than rushing into commitment with just anyone who comes along. This question is definitely a major no-no and is one of the things not to say to a single woman, especially if you want her to remain friends with you!

“by the Time I Was Your Age…..”


Destinee Antilley
The chance of serious birth defects like down-syndrome and miscarriages goes up a lot in women after 30....
Getting married and having children is not what everyone wants. It's just part of the society with live in that makes people think it's the normal step to follow. Being married with kids makes some women feel complete and I respect that, but that's not my case :)
@Angie Vallejo you girl are so biased it's quite hilarious. My sister has been with her bf for 6 years, they are not focused on marriage ATM because their both focused on pursing an education then get...
This is great. Being single can be tough especially when you're 40!!! But I know it will happen soon. This article is great.
Micaela Gonçalves
Loved it!!! I just shared it because I have a couple of friends ( married) who really need to read this 😄😄
Totally missed: "You'll find someone when you least expect it (or stop looking)." That always deserves a throat punch. ;)
@Angie Vallejo I think all relationships and people are different. Whether he proposes 2 years, 5 years or never as long as both parties are happy it doesn't matter. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 ...
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