7 Things Not to Say to Your Boyfriend Unless You Want to Drive Him Crazy ...


It can be tempting to forget that conversations with your boyfriend sometimes require a different approach to chats with your best girl-friend, and there are some things not to say to your boyfriend if you want to keep him happy! Whilst I’m not suggesting you hold back on how you feel, you should try to rein in your inner crazy if it comes knocking during your relationship, and these things not to say to your boyfriend will help keep you on the right track!

1. “Where Are You?”

Whether you’ve been dating for 3 weeks or 3 years, nobody likes to feel like they’re being constantly checked up on. If he’s close to you, the chances are he’ll volunteer where he is and what he’s doing with his day, but constantly questioning him about his whereabouts is one of the things not to say to your boyfriend!

“do You Love Me?”


Soso M
These are all some damn annoying questions!
Some of this is understandable as to why you shouldn't ask or say it, but there's nothing wrong with asking what's on their mind or expressing how you really feel, when your dating for a long time you...
nothing wrong with asking my man what is he thinking,cause I care for him. when he seem distracted I wanna know if he is ok.
👍 This was actually helpful
Lucy Loo
Can you do one on what boys wanna hear girls say to them?????
Maiya White
I can honestly say that I don't say these things. I completely trust my boyfriend.
Patricia Marie Gloria
Umm I was speaking on behalf of my opinion and there\'s a lot left to say such as how was your day? instead of asking do I look fat in this dress have some confidence enough to know you\'re beautiful.
I think if its true love theres no limit , its kinds insecure itself to think ooo if I say that or this hes gonna be annoyed in a healthy relationship one should feel comfortable to discuss anything.
Whaaat? Omg then what left to say?
Patricia Marie Gloria
If my bf/gf asked me these questions, I would be annoyed too, most of these questions are based on insecurity which I despise.
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