7 Scientifically πŸ”¬ Proven Things That Deter πŸ”€ Men from Cheating πŸ’” ...


According to Cosmopolitan, there are a few things that science claims reduces a man's desire to cheat. Some of them sound pretty silly, even though there have been studies that suggest that the facts are true. You can decide for yourself by looking at this list of things that science claims reduces a man's desire to cheat:

1. Your Paychecks Are Equal

When a man makes more money than you, there's a higher chance he'll cheat. When he makes less than you, there's an even higher chance he'll cheat. But if you make around the same amount of money, he should remain faithful.

His Friends Don't Cheat


These are not personal opinions of Holly, they are just what studies show. No need to get angry with her about it.
Shouldn't number 5 say, he's not easily aroused?
peony blue
@alka you couldn't have put it any clearer. Right on sister!
And about 7 there has been several studies about music correction to peoples personality traits. Many who listen to metal like myself are very loyal, introverted and sensitive people. Loyal people usu...
@Temi. Men do not always cheat. Many women cheat too. Also yes they are breeders but so are women! That is why women like the idea of marriage and having a family, because we want to nest and use our ...
Hell yeah mid west
This article is the stupidest one I've read yet on AWS.
Dumbest article! Cheating is a choice you make. Having a big family, living in the midwest and listening to heavy metal is not going to stop him from cheating.
No matter the situation, men will always cheat regardless. They are breeders that thinks with their penis..
peony blue
I disagree this is too generalised. This is making men come across like uncontrollable idiots so so not true!
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