7 Scientifically 🔬 Proven Things That Deter 🔀 Men from Cheating 💔 ...


According to Cosmopolitan, there are a few things that science claims reduces a man's desire to cheat. Some of them sound pretty silly, even though there have been studies that suggest that the facts are true. You can decide for yourself by looking at this list of things that science claims reduces a man's desire to cheat:

1. Your Paychecks Are Equal

When a man makes more money than you, there's a higher chance he'll cheat. When he makes less than you, there's an even higher chance he'll cheat. But if you make around the same amount of money, he should remain faithful.

His Friends Don't Cheat


Family don't mean shit
Heavy metal is shitty
This all some bullshit
You become who you hang around the most
Really people it's 2015, this article is very relevant to today. We live in a world where Sex sales merchandise like clothes, jewelry and even tourism etc. Pornography is a keystroke and Google search...
@Temi cheating is a choice. That doesn't mean every man on the earth cheats because that's not true. Stop bringing negative vibes in. Concentrate on the positive ones. Haven't you heard of women cheating. You may have had a bad experience yourself. All men are NOT the same
Nina Divine
TEMI...pay attention to what I'm about to tell you...my parents have been married 60 years in December, and neither one has EVER EVEN THOUGHT about cheating on the other. My brother and sister have bo...
@Lisa although I'm not a guy. I find your comment offensive. It is sterotyping. Grow up.
Ha. Have you seen some of the guys that are in to metal? I think if they are lucky enough to get a good woman, they don't chance loosing her over cheating
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