10 Things Single Girls 👩 Are Sick of 😖 Hearing 🙄 ...


If you are the kind of girl who enjoys being single, or you are just a girl who doesn’t have a partner at this very moment in time, then I’m sure you will be more than familiar with the kinds of clichéd things that people think to say to you! You’re not looking for any kind of consolation; you certainly aren’t in the mood for advice, in fact, you aren’t really sure how the subject of your singledom came up in the first place! Here are ten things that single girls are sick of hearing!

1. “You Just Haven’t Met Him Yet”

Cool, thanks for pointing out the obvious, Karen! And anyway, who says that you are actively looking for him at the moment anyway? Being single isn’t some sort of condition that you have to cure as soon as possible!

“He’s Just Not That into You”
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