8 Things Teens Should Know about Love ...


Things to Know About Love can be found all over the internet, but they aren't centered around teens. For all you teens out there, I know that there are tons of things to know about love that should be focused around you. Well, I got your back, I've got the top 8 things to know about love when you're a teenager! After all, not all of the same rules apply right?

1. A Breakup Should Be Final

When you're dealing with teen relationships, typically there is a lot of breaking up and getting back together. When you break up, it should be something that's pretty final. Ladies, I know it might be hard to do that, but trust me, if you are broken up, it's probably for a reason. Who knows, maybe later on down the line, when you are both a little more mature, you'll end up together!

Don't Assume


soo i have a bf and we just did it it was my first time and he was like i love u and i said i love soo everything was ok and he just stop talking to me like we been going out for a year like y isnt he...
I have a bit of a problem. There is a guy that I like at my school. We were in the school play together, and I have to say that we were pretty good friends. He's got an awesome sense of humour, and we...
My parents have been happily married for 21 years and when they were in high school they were the epitome of an on-and-off couple.
My tip: You don't have to date in high school if you don't know anyone you want to date.
Kiss as many of the frogs as you want just save yourself for the Prince when you are much older and out of high school. Always remember...THERE ARE NO SECRETS IN HIGH SCHOOL! Eventually all you do becomes public knowledge. No guy will respect you if you don't respect yourself.
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