8 Things Teens Should Know about Love ...

Things to Know About Love can be found all over the internet, but they aren't centered around teens. For all you teens out there, I know that there are tons of things to know about love that should be focused around you. Well, I got your back, I've got the top 8 things to know about love when you're a teenager! After all, not all of the same rules apply right?

1. A Breakup Should Be Final

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When you're dealing with teen relationships, typically there is a lot of breaking up and getting back together. When you break up, it should be something that's pretty final. Ladies, I know it might be hard to do that, but trust me, if you are broken up, it's probably for a reason. Who knows, maybe later on down the line, when you are both a little more mature, you'll end up together!

2. Don't Assume

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Just because a guy smiles at you, it doesn't mean that he loves you. You want to make sure that you know, for sure that a guy is interested in you before just assuming that he is. After all, wouldn't it be embarrassing if you confessed your love for him and he didn't feel the same way?

3. Sex is Not Love

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When it comes to teenager, ladies, sometimes sex does come about when you love someone, but sex doesn't equal love. If you haven't had sex for the first time, make sure that you save yourself until someone you really love comes along. A lot of times, a lot of girls in high school believe that sex = love and trust me, it doesn't. This is definitely one of the things to know about love if you're a teenager.

4. Love Isn't Manipulative

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When you're a teenager and you haven't had nearly as much experience as someone in their twenties, it's easy to be manipulated and to have manipulations in your relationship. One thing to remember about love girls is that it is never manipulative. If a guy really loves you, he doesn't need to manipulate you in any way!

5. Love Doesn't Have Ultimatums

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If your guy is constantly trying to get you away from your friends or away from your family for love, that isn't a love-filled relationship. No guy that loves you should ever give you an ultimatum such as 'if you love me, you won't hang out with your friends', it isn't right. This is definitely one of the things to know about love when you're a teenager, as teenage guys can pull this a lot!

6. Romantic Love Feelings Can Fade

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Let's say you have a huge crush on a guy and you've had it for almost three out of the four years of school. Let's say that on year four, you finally start to have crushes on other guys and like your original crush just as a friend. It happens and it's nobody's fault at all!

7. Love Shouldn't Hurt

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It's easy in high school to fall in love. One thing to note about love is that it shouldn't heard. Love can be hard sometimes, especially if you're working through a fight, but if you find yourself constantly being hurt by the one you're in love with, there might be something wrong!

8. Lust Doesn't Equal Love

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Finally ladies, this is the last thing to know about love when you're a teenager, is that lust does not equal love. Just because you might want to have sex with a guy, doesn't mean your automatically in love. Keep that in mind ladies, I know it's hard to keep the two separate!

As you can see, there are tons of different things to know about love when you're a teenager! These are just the top 8. So ladies, what are some of the other things to know about love when your a teen that you wish you knew? Do you have any tips for all the teens out there? Share 'em!

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