7 Things You Don't Realize Are Ruining Your Sex Life ...


7 Things You Don't Realize Are Ruining Your Sex Life ...
7 Things You Don't Realize Are Ruining Your Sex Life ...

Is sex not happening as much as you’d like it to? There could be several reasons for that. When you find yourself in this position, it’s easy to feel frustrated or concerned over your relationship. Uncovering what’s ruining your sex life is the first step to getting it back on track.

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This may be the number one thing that’s interfering with your sex life. Smart phones, iPads, iPods, laptops and more have changed our worlds. They’re exciting, helpful and fun, but they’re also a distraction from real life and engaging in relationships with others. If you think this is what’s ruining your sex life, talk to your partner. Maybe you can agree to put technology to bed before you turn in to give you some special time to enjoy each other, face to face.



Most of us are pushing ourselves to do more with less sleep. Responsibilities can weigh you down. You may have school, work, children or other responsibilities in your life and they’re all important. But so is your rest. We underestimate how important sleep is. Being well rested can give your sex life the boost it needs as well as making you a healthier, happier person.


Medication Side Effects

There are some medications that can really affect your sex drive. Antidepressants and birth control pills are two of them, although there are more. In any situation where medication is affecting your libido, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor. There may be other medications that you can take that won’t have the same side effect. If not, your doctor could still have some suggestions to help you.


Fertility Issues

If you’ve been struggling with infertility then it could have a negative effect on your sex drive. Ironically, that’s the last thing you want to occur when you want to be having more sex but it happens. You can get so focused on trying to conceive that sex becomes more of a chore than a pleasure. Sex becomes associated with feeling pressured and that kills romance. While conceiving is important, you also need to guard this special part of your relationship with your partner for the connection it gives you, too.



Feeling stressed can affect your sexual relationship with your partner. This is true even if you’re stressed over something completely unrelated to your relationship, such as your job or a conflict with a friend. If you’re feeling stressed then you may not be in the mood as often. Your mind is on things that are troubling you. While it’s difficult, try to push those things out of your mind when you’re with your partner.


Going to Bed at Different Times

This isn’t something that’ll apply to every couple. But if you live together then going to bed at different times could be one reason that sex isn’t happening frequently. Going to bed together gives you more opportunities to have sex. Of course there are nights when sleep is the first thing on both your minds and that’s okay. But when the mood hits, going to bed together means you’re available.


You’re in a Rut

Sometimes the reason sex isn’t happening very often is that you’re just in a rut. Things feel stale and you may be bored with your relationship. This happens in many relationships and can be fixed. Take some steps to spice things up. It’s fun to add a little excitement into your relationship again.

These are 7 things that may be ruining your sex life and some suggestions on how to get back on track. Which of these is an issue in your relationship? I always read your comments!

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I think porn is natural and normal and shouldnt be a substitution for sex but separate fun during your alone time. You shouldnt take it personally. You could however ask to join in watching porn and make it fun

Or plan sex earlier at night if don't want or can't go to bed at the same time.

Luckily my S.O. Is NOT a boxer. They have to abstain before a fight.

Very true and also not getting sexy or all set up to get sexually attracted to may be one of the causes. Sometimes the guy would just randomly look at you and realize how beautiful you are and he'll get closer and start it all 👌🏼 get set up and look pretty meanwhile he's watching

Football season should have been on here lol

I 100% agree with the bed time one! Going to bed at different times completely ruins it. You both need to be in sync and bed time togetherness is important.

Porn causing an issue really depends on the relationship though.

What sex life.

You have hit it right on the nail

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