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You only get one shot to make a first impression so here are 10 things that are actually supposed to happen on a date. Remember, you don’t get a second chance. You have to be impressionable from the start. So, next time you go out with a man you think might be a keeper, refer to this list of things that are supposed to happen on a date.

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Let the Man Be the Man

Men should take charge. They’re the ones who are supposed to make the plan. It’s their job to arrange all of the details for each date. They’re the man. Let them act like one. The man planning is one of the things that are supposed to happen on a date.


Have Dinner

Have Dinner If you didn’t meet him online, you should encourage a dinner date. Drinks is an audition, dinner is a real date. When you have dinner with someone, it’s easier to get to know him over a meal. You can see his manners and spend more quality time together.


Drink….in Moderation

Drink….in Moderation I don’t believe that drinking on a date is a bad thing. Some people need a drink or two to help them feel more relaxed. If that’s your thing, make sure you know your limit so you can enjoy the date. However, drinking in moderation is key. Getting sloppy isn’t sexy.


Be Stimulating

Men like women who can teach them something. They want to date someone who’s intellectually curious. On a date, you should be having conversations that are unique. Anyone can talk about their job and their friends. If you’re stimulating, you’ll be hard to forget.



Smile Smile. It’s that simple. Men are drawn to women who have a fabulous smile. Flash your pearly whites as often as you can. Keep in mind that men respond well to positivity.



Asking questions seems like an obvious thing of what you’re supposed to do on a date. Right? I would think so! If you seem curious about the man sitting across from you, he’ll be eager to tell you all about him. There’s a difference between asking questions and making someone feel like they’re on an interview. Ask him questions but don’t make him feel like he’s being grilled.


Listen Carefully

Being a good listener is just as important as being a great conversationalist. Listening is a skill. When you ask him questions, listen to his answers. Don’t interrupt him.


Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key Men want a woman who exudes confidence. Believe it or not, confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. A fully clothed confident woman is equally as sexy as a naked woman! When you’re self-assured and love yourself, people will want to be around you.


Let Him Pay

In the beginning, the first few dates are his treat. Don’t offer to pay half, and don’t do the fake reach. Men can see right through that. After dinner, don’t forget to be polite and thank him for a yummy meal.


It’s His Move

It’s His Move You see the pattern here. He’s the man. He plans the date, pays on the date, and of course, he makes the move. Men are simple; if they want to kiss you, they will.

Dating is all about getting to know someone and creating a good impression. Do you have anything to add to the list of things that are supposed to happen on a first date?

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Omg these articles are getting stupider by the second.

Except reaching for our wallet isn't being fake lol, we really do intend to split the bill. Expecting men to pay for your meal is rude. Sure if he's a gentleman he'll offer and that's a nice gesture but don't expect it, come on.

I'm glad to see that I am not the only one that think this article is stupid, "let the man be the man"? What that even means? Let them cut the grass and wash the car?


I think don't believe we are setting ourselves back by allowing a man to pay for the first of not several dates. I am more than capable of taking care of myself and for the most part the type of men that I choose to date know this. I do think it's we assert our power as the female in the relationship by holding off and letting him do his thing. Men should work for our time and affection. Planning activites for the first few dates is a means in which he proves he is worth my time and that he values opportunities to spend time with me.

Totally agree.

Lol guys chill, I think the article is good. She's only referring to the first dates, not the whole relationship. A guy should be trying to impress you on a first date, if he asks you to pay he's showing he doesn't care what he thinks about u, ie. he's not interested

Yeh we do see the pattern women should sit back and do nothing! Taking us back 100 years do you want any rights or shall we just stay at home and let the men do 'everything'!!

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