7 Things That Emasculate Your Man ...

Sometimes, we emasculate our boyfriends without even realizing it. How? Well, Your Tango can tell you. Here's what they have to say about emasculating your man:

1. You Constantly Question His Compliments

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If he calls you pretty, don't argue with him. Just accept the compliment.

2. You Criticize His Hobbies

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If he likes to play video games, don't yell at him about it. He needs a way to blow off steam.

3. You Take over All the Domestic Tasks

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He can do the dishes and sweep the floor too, you know.

4. You're Really Bossy

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You're his teammate, not his boss.

5. You Try to Fix All His Problems

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Sometimes, he just wants to handle things on his own.

6. You Fake It in Bed

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This will hurt yourself as much as it'll hurt his self-esteem.

7. You Make Him Hold Your Purse

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He might not mind carrying it around for a few minutes, but don't make him wear it all day. You wouldn't want to hold onto all of his stuff.

Do you do any of these things to your man?

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